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Gate 88 2005 Jonathan Mak - Queasy games
Freeware Space shooter RTS decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Jonathan Mak - Queasy games HOME 86 %
Windows English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09

Gate 88 Gate 88
Gate 88

Gate 88


Gate 88 is a interesting spaceshooter/RTS game. The graphics have an abstract retro feel to them. The music is a smooth techno beat, which really goes with the gameplay. There's a good interactive tutorial that really helps to get you into the strategy of the game. After that, you can play the practice mode to hone your skills. Still, the real fun comes when you play online, against other people.
You control a small ship in space.The aim of the game is to, (after building it), protect your base and destroy the others. With resources, you can build factories, to help generate resources faster.
You can also build research labs, in which you will be able to research on 3 areas:

General Research- Extends to 4 braches. Battery, which upgrades your ship's batter power, (improving it's ability to shoot continuously).
Heavy materials, which upgrades your ship's hp. Mechanics, which increases your ship's speed. Weapon pod, which gives your ship a weapon pod, thus shooting an extra laser. Energy decreases faster though.

Advanced Research- Two branches. Signals, which enables ability to build signal stations. Mini turret, which adds a turret to your ship that can aim on it's own.

Ship Config Research- You can switch your ship's mode after completing research on it. Stealth mode enables cloaking. Heavy mode gives your lasers closer-range heavy power. Regeneration gives your ship the ability to regenerate itself and others with a regenerating laser.

So, here's the main four menus: Research menu, Build menu, Ship orders menu, and ship config menu. You gain resources by time and the aid of your factories and also by destroying your enemy and his buildings.

Playing online is really fun. You can create alliances (and break them XD). You can chat and Private Message. Try it, I definitely recommend it!

Reviewed by EiG

 Authors DOWNLOAD page
 Direct DOWNLOAD from authors site (no install) NO MUSIC version - 4,69 MB
 *Download from (no install) NO MUSIC version 4,69 MB
 Authors homepage .
 Direct DOWNLOAD from authors site (no install) MUSIC included 12,1 MB.
 Authors forum .

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