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Fly or Die 1.3 2002 GAMEDALE Entertainment
Freeware Space shooter   decrease the rating increase the rating
by: GAMEDALE Entertainment 82 %
Windows English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09

Fly or Die Fly or Die


Fly or Die

  "Fly or Die" (or simply FoD) is our attempt to remind you of those good old 2D vertical arcade shooters, where you had to fly through a set of levels and eliminate hordes of various enemies. We must admit that our game is nothing special, but our main goal was not to make a revolution in the gaming world, but simply to offer you another way of having fun in your free time and also remind you of those good times, when the graphics on IBM XT machines was considered to be simply perfect.

Gameplay is simple - you have a small space fighter ship, armed with two weapon types (primary - laser, secondary - rockets), and you need to eliminate invaded enemy forces in 3 territories, including outer space, futuristic settlement and snowy canyon. Each zone has 2 sublevels, limited by fly-time periods, and at the end of each zone you will meet Evil Boss, whom you will have to kill in order to be teleported to the next zone.

From time to time your base will teleport into your flight zone different bonuses, well described on the game information screen. By killing enemies you are getting points (increasing the game score) and some enemies will also have a chance to drop useful trophy - rockets, loading your secondary and more powerful weapon. Each level has its own level code, which will be shown to you at the beginning of the new zone. So you can start the game next time from the place where you've been last time - it will be rather hard to fly through the game with a single attempt, so make sure you note the level codes being shown to you...

Here are the cheat and level codes that you can use to simplify your walkthrough of FoD. You may enter these codes in the question box, which pops up when you press "C" key during the game. All cheat and level codes are case sensitive!

Cheat CodeDescription
pleasespeed Enables permanent movement of your spaceship at a high speed. If you enter the code second time, this mode will be switched off.
pleaselivesGives you 5 extra lives to spend.
pleasehealthGives you 100% of health.
pleasegodInvulnerability. If you enter the code second time, this mode will be switched off.
pleasefireGenerates FireFury (Multiple Shots) bonus.
pleaserocketsGives you 20 rockets to shoot.
pleasenextroomMoves you to the next level (room).
pleaseprevroomMoves you to the previous level (room).
Level CodeDescription
LOVE2KILLLevel 1 (very beginning)
DIMINISHMELevel 1, Stage 2
2BBEHEADEDLevel 2, Stage 2
DEVILSHERELevel 3, Stage 2

 *Download from 2,09 MB

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