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DOSBox 0.63 2005 Qbix, Harekiet, Fanskapet, Finster
Freeware (OpenSource) [game tools]   decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Qbix, Harekiet, Fanskapet, Finster HOME 86 %
Windows, Linux, MacOS, etc... English
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09




What is DosBox?

DosBox is a utility that allows you to play old DOS games on your new PC's running newer version of Windows. For example, most of us have Windows XP and Pentium 4 these days. So the old DOS games either do not work well or work without sounds and some problems do occur. Like old DOS games require you to enter the IRQ,DMA and other things for running sound. But with DosBox just select Sound Blaster option and enjoy. So keeping in view all these problems, this tool has been designed.

How to Use DosBox?

Using DosBox is quite simple. Just install it. Then run it. Now use this command:-
Suppose you want have an old DOS game, eg. Dune 2, and you want to run it. Suppose that the game is located in C:\Games\Dune2

Z:\>MOUNT C: C:\Games\Dune2 (press Enter)

By default, it comes in z: (e.g. when you run it from the start menu, it takes in DOS mode even in Windows XP). Now C: is the drive which contains your games folder. After it, change the drive to c. e.g.

Z:\>C: (press Enter)

Now you have been moved to C: . Now automatically you are inside the games directory.
Now, just typ the name of the executable and enjoy the game!

C:\>dune2.exe (press Enter)

Distribution of DosBox?

Dosbox is opensource, so modification of it's contents is allowed as long as you publish the changes.

Limitations of DosBox?

Yes, it has limitations. For example, it is not able to run all the Dos games although it may many games. But the persons who created this tool say that newer versions of DosBox will run all the Dos games.

System Requirements:-

To run DOSBox at sufficient speed, you need a processor with speed of at least 1 GHz (some games will run fine on slower processors too) and you have to have Win2000 or Win XP operating system. It is possible to run it under Win98, but if you are running Win9x, you better use some programs to slow your computer down (if your computer is too fast), and just use DOS that is included in Win98 operating system..
It needs about 2.2 MB of hard drive space.

Special Keys:-

Some games will run too slow, so you will have to adjust cycle count and frameskip. Do this by using next key combination:

CTRL-F7 = Decreases frameskip
CTRL-F8 = Increases frameskip
CTRL-F11 = Slows down the game
CTRL-F12 = Speeds up the game

Reviewed by Vipin Kumar

 Authors DOWNLOAD page (install - 1 MB)
 Authors homepage .

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