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Quadrax 6 - Atlantis 1.2 2009 Jozef Kreutzer (Alfaline)
Freeware Puzzle   decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Jozef Kreutzer (Alfaline) HOME 98 %
Windows English / Czech
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 5-12-09

Quadrax 6 - Atlantis Quadrax 6 - Atlantis
Quadrax 6 - Atlantis

Quadrax 6 - Atlantis

Quadrax VI - Treasures of Atlantis

World's best puzzle game - 100 very hard levels.

The object is to collect all crystals and then to go to the exit by toggling switches, moving stones, opening doors, moving lifts and so on.
Quadrax 5 was great, but this version is even better, but much harder than all previous versions!
You can choose between Czech and English. Improved graphics and very challenging new levels! Just don't forget: This is a very HARD puzzle game! :)

This game has a new and much easier password system. Just one password for each player (profile)

Editor: When completed (unlocked) all 100 levels you will be able to use the level editor.

Some features:
- There are levels with one, two or three men
- Shift push mode: When Shift push mode is activated then the men can only push stones while pressing Shift
- Stone movers, transport belts, etc
- Green switches. You only can use them twice (blue switches only once)
- New: Yellow switches. These are time levers.
- Big blocks. These are movable blocks of any format controlled by a switch. Important: When there is a stone or man on the big block, it won't move untill it becomes free.
- Crushable stones: When these stones fall they will crush and disappear. The same will happen when another stone fall on them.
- Extending ladders. These are in fact a kind of big blocks.
- A possibility to save and load (F5/F9)

Arrows = Move, climb
1,2,3 = Switch to the blue, red or green man.
Q = Switch into 2 man mode
TAB = Switch person (according to actually switch mode)
Shift-S = Shift push mode on/off
F5 = Quicksave
F9 = Quickload
Esc = Pause + ingame menu (Continue, restart, exit)

For help / walkthroughs see our forum

new version 1.1
Fixed critical bug: When a guy tried to climb off of the roof of a lift, he died.
new version 1.2
Fixed critical bug in level 84

If you already have the version 1.0 or 1.1 then do NOT download the full version again, but download the newest update 1.2 only.
Download newest update 1.2 here (1.8 MB)

 Authors DOWNLOAD page (install) - 26 MB
 *Download from (install) 1.2 26 MB
 Authors homepage .

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