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Scumball 2002 Paul Jenkinson
Freeware Platform game Retro games decrease the rating increase the rating
by: Paul Jenkinson HOME 63 %
Windows English, Nederlands
 Tested on winXP: runs fine last updated: 20-04-09

Scumball Scumball
Scumball Scumball




This game was originally written for the ZX Spectrum in 1988, written by Peter Gough and published by Mastertronic.
This remake uses the same game map, reproduced in full colour at twice the resolution. All of the images have been taken from the game, smoothed and re-coloured for best results. The animation and movement has undergone a few minor tweaks and the sound has been improved to take advantage of the capabilities of modern PC's. All but a few objects are present in the game and there has been the inclusion of a fabulous sound track written by Jeppe Schmidt.
The game takes the form of a 2D platformer.
You control LINDA, as she navigates the complex sewers in search of grenades.
Each grenade has to be taken back to the slime monster one at a time and thrown.
There are 8 grenades to find and throw.
Don't forget to keep an eye on energy and laser levels !
As LINDA discovers more and more of the sewers, she comes across objects that can help here.
Each time she collides with a nastie, her energy is reduced. Each time she fires, her laser power is reduced.
These can be topped up by collecting power-ups...
Most power-ups can only be used once, but remember where the red oil cans are located - they can be used for ever.
Make sure you watch your energy panel and keep topping up her power.
Many passages can be navigated without the need to shoot things.
Be sparing with your laser, there is just enough power-ups to see you through the game.
Of course, sometimes you've just got to kill things!
Some things just can't be killed though !
You can also collect points by killing things or picking up the bonuses scattered about.
But that's not the real aim of the game.
To complete this game you need to blow up the slime monster eight times !
Good luck....


Dit is een herwerkte versie van het 2D platformspel, geschreven voor de ZX Spectrum computer in 1988. (geprogrammeerd door Peter Gough en gepubliceerd door Mastertronic)
De mappen zijn dezelfde, de figuurtjes ook, maar alles herkleurd en verzacht om een beter resultaat te bekomen.
Het spel bevat ook een moiie soundtrack, geschreven door Jeppe Schmidt.
Dit spel is dus een aanrader voor wie het ooit eens gespeeld had en nu het nog wel eens wil spelen op de huidige moderne computers.
Veel geluk...

 *Download from 1,59 MB
 Authors homepage .

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