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Holiday games
by Nicholson NY
A nice snowball fighting game in Flash
SnowCraft 1 MB
97 %
Speedy Christmas
by Giovanni S. aka mystic
A mini 3D xmas game
Speedy Christmas 2,47 MB
97 %
The Santa Mission
A platformer: Santa against the Easter bunnies
The Santa Mission 2,33 MB
97 %
Fat Santa: 7 Days Till Christmas
by Greg Percy
Mario in a Santa suit with a holiday theme
Fat Santa: 7 Days Till Christmas 1,7 MB
91 %
The Other Side of Santa
by Jim Taylor
Shoot the pokemons, teletubbies, etc...
The Other Side of Santa 1,6 MB
91 %
Christmas Space Invaders
by Captain-Ouais (Jerome Levasseur)
Shoot the invading Santas
Christmas Space Invaders 3,48 MB
90 %
Super Santa Snowland
by Marten Bruggemann
Mario type of game with a holiday theme
Super Santa Snowland 1,21 MB
90 %
Santas Christmas Cracker
by Chris Street - Euphoric Rush
An Xmas platform game - 3 levels
Santas Christmas Cracker 379 kB
89 %
Ness Christmas Journey
by Darklink570
Find you way back home before xMas
Ness Christmas Journey 1,23 MB
88 %
Christmas Bound
by Karl - blueskied
A nice Christmas Crillion clone
Christmas Bound 833 kB
87 %
Tom the Elf Trainee
by Caspar Raarup
A cute little christmas platformer
Tom the Elf Trainee 1,75 MB
85 %
Christmas Contest
by Neonair - Snerlin
A nice Mario like platformer in an unique XMas world
Christmas Contest 1,56 MB
84 %
Space Invaders 3D
by Mathieu (maya75) - Sourceforge
An OpenGL 3D Space Invaders
Space Invaders 3D 744 kB
84 %
by Ian Lindsey (Afrohorse)
3D shooter / Holiday games
Afro-Santa 4,76 MB
83 %
Evil Red Men
by DaDDe
A Christmas game with 24 one-screen levels
Evil Red Men 1,26 MB
82 %
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