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The Red Baron 1 2004 KPF
Freeware Space shooter Shoot em up decrease the rating increase the rating
by: KPF HOME 66 %
Windows (DirectX 7) English
 Tested on win2000 and winXP last updated: 20-04-09

The Red Baron The Red Baron
The Red Baron

The Red Baron


English text translated from the in game German help screen

The last Flight of Manfred von Richthofen

You play as Manfred von Richthofen, also known as the "red baron". In order for the allies to bring the long desired victory, endless waves at hostile airplanes penetrate into the German air space, This air invasion if it can still be stopped, can only be accomplished by the red baron. He is their last chance of success for the German Reich. Everyone trusts in him, because he is a best flier of all times, the king of air! Show the hostile armed force that Richtofen became not for nothing, the flyer ace! Fight! Even though it is hopeless, this day will be their last - that is clear - however, it proves to the world that one dies as a hero honorably!

The game play
The goal of the play is simple: Survive for as long a time as possible! You will die anyway. Therefore you want to take as many opponents as possible into the grave with you! For each opponent shot, (air as well as ground targets) there are points awarded, from 5 (easy targets) up to 50 (most dificult targets). Now and then red cross buildings on the ground emerge - Donot shoot these buildings, otherwise you get points taken away. If you fly over one of these buildings, your energy is reset to 100%.

With the arrow keys one moves the airplane in the appropriate direction and with the space bar you shot. Escape terminates the play, F1 opens this window.

(C) by KFP 2004

To sum it all up: Red Baron is a simple monotonous game that is very addicting! You start off the game with few enemies and the number gradually increases until the whole screen is filled with enemies and bullets. You cannot survive long at this rate. The one musicical selection is very repetitive. It just plays over and over. When you are finally shot down you get to enter your name in the high score list, so you play again. The next game you get a higher score, so you play again and again and again. By the end of the first game you probably have seen just about everything that the game has to offer, but it is the feeling that, "I can beat my previous high score." that makes you want to keep playing and playing. In the upper left hand corner of your screen is a green line when you start the game. It is your damage indicator. As you sustain more damage, its length decreases and changes color to yellow and then to red. You can however fly over a first aid station and repair all your damage. The graphics have a pseudo 3D effect. The clouds scroll at a different rates than the terrain giving a sense of depth to the game with the planes appearing at a higher altitude than the clouds.

On Mark's computer (win2000):
One problem was encountered while playing this game. Once in a while an error message would pop up that read "Unexpected error occured when running the game." When this message was dismissed, the game would quit to Windows.
On Rudy's computer (winXP):
No problems.

Arrow Keys = Movement
F1 = Help/story (German)
F4 = Toggle Window/Full Screen
F10 = Pause (while in window mode)
Space = Fire
Esc = Quit game

Reviewed by Mark S.

 Direct DOWNLOAD from authors site (no install) - 4,01 MB
 *Download from (no install) 4,01 MB
 Authors homepage .

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